Leverance: Konsulentudvikling

The goal for the seminar was to equip the experts with tools to handle the cross-organizational
specialist function, so the results of their efforts would show in the site’s actual production efficiency. The implementation of the expert’s efforts at the sites was in focus. Therefore the focus on the specialist’s role and understanding of his function was very sharp and valuable – to know how to differ the role of the expert’s advising form the responsibility for the sites to implement the advices. The clarifying of these perspectives resulted in a more useful and efficient role for the specialists and a clarifying role for the
site’s own responsibility in the implementation process.

The specific tools presented in the seminars were:

  • Contracting:To define the single task. What is the task and when is the job done – when the
    problem has been discovered or solved?
  • Ownership and responsibility: To define the work as done when the implementation has been
  • To define the different responsibilities between the specialists at the sites and
    the specialists from the global team
  • To handle the governance-communication in the different levels and between the global
    expert team and the sites
  • To handle the dilemmas being advisor and controller at the same time

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