About us

UKON is Denmark’s leading consulting firm in organizational psychology and leadership development. We support managers in their implementation of ambitious goals or in situations where complicated challenges might obstruct the enterprise of the organization.

Through the development of both personal leadership, the management team and the entire organization we make our customers able to solve leadership challenges quickly and efficiently.

The organizational psychological foundation means that we integrate the development of strategy and organization with the development of increased empowerment of the people who are the organization’s most important asset.

During the last 25 years we have helped both large and small private and public organizations in Denmark, as well as internationally. 20 professionally qualified consultants work from our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, all highly experienced as managers or consultants.


As consultants…

… we approach all our assignments conscientiously, attentively and ambitiously.

We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the needs of our customers before considering which theories and methods to employ.

Our ambition is to create concrete development and results. It’s about focusing on the organization’s actual challenges and goals, on our clients’ actual interpersonal relationships and on each individual member of the organization as well. In the development process, we select the various methods, theories and experience needed to create visible and sustainable results.

We are committed to be academically strong and in the forefront of the field – for our own sake as well as for the sake of our customers. This is ensured through UKON’s own research activities and through our cooperation with both Danish and foreign universities. We take pride in the fact that we prioritize developing our own competencies more than most other consultancy.