Anders Trillingsgaard

Anders Trillingsgaard

Partner, Head of Research, Chairman of the Board

  • Specialty: Developing leadership teams and teaching leadership
  • Industrial PhD in Leadership Teams from Aalborg University 2010
  • MSc in Psychology with 13 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • International experience from Center for Creative Leadership, Kirkwood College and Manchester Metropolitan University

Anders is amongst the leading innovators in the development of leadership teams in Denmark. He has written the first and the only PhD thus far on the development of leadership groups as well as several of the most often read articles on this subject:

  • “Myten om team” (The Myth about Team) in the book “TEAM”
  • “Det møgbeskidte ledelsesteam” (The Filthy Dirty Leadership Team) in the book “Følelser i ledelse” (Emotions in Leadership)
  • “Forbyd lederudvikling” (Ban Leadership Development) on and in their printed Special Edition
  • “Professionel forsimpling, chefens nye kerneopgave” (Professional Simplification) for
  • “Investing in the Production of Leadership” on CCL’s global blog:

His latest book: “Ledelsesteamet gentænkt” (The Leadership Team Reconsidered) was published in 2015 by Dansk Psykologisk Forlag.

In addition to the professional development within his field, Anders has worked with hundreds of leadership groups in regions and municipalities, at the universities and in private organizations such as KMD, Danfoss and LEGO. He also has a seat on several boards.

Anders is an acclaimed speaker at both leadership conferences and international research conferences and teaches several masters programs in leadership. As a rule, he receives top evaluations for his engaging, highly professional teaching and for being among the best when it comes to presenting leadership theory in an inspiring, comprehensive and useful manner.

Anders is part of a family of psychologists, and an exclusively non-fiction book reader so when relaxation is called for he will either be found in the kitchen, engaged in the latest computer game or out on the water with his kayak or kite.

Anders was first employed by UKON’s in 2005 and has been a partner since 2009. In 2012, he became Chairman of the Board, and he has been Head of Research since 2013.


+45 28 63 79 29

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