Anne Tortzen

Anne Tortzen

Associated Senior Consultant

  • MSc in Political Science from Aarhus University and journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Further training as a process consultant at DISPUK
  • More than 20 yrs. of experience working in communication, dialogue and citizen involvement in the public sector
  • Specialty: Expertise in citizen involvement, co-creation and local democracy
  • Works in particular with municipalities and public service agencies in Denmark and Scandinavia

Anne has a passionate interest in citizen involvement and co-creation and has played an active role in this field over the last few years both in Denmark and internationally. She takes great interest in the development of our welfare state and democracy and has accumulated great knowledge about the newest cooperative, governing and leadership forms in public service. Based on this she gives advice to public organizations regarding cooperation with citizens and other stakeholders in a way that leads to constructive dialogue and give way to firmly anchored and sustainable decisions. She also has a keen eye for political and strategic perspectives.

Anne is a dynamic communicator, who gets her message across and engages her audiences. She communicates with intensity, insight and knowledge and succeeds in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Customers perceive her as extraordinarily attentive, curious and professionally competent.

Anne has been with UKON since 2013 when she started as a chief consultant while working on her occupational PhD. At the same time she is associated with the Department of Society and Globalization at Roskilde University where she is writing her PhD entitled “Leading co-production – Managerial Challenges and Opportunities ”. Here she examines three concrete examples of co-creation in Danish municipalities with a specific focus on leadership and co-creative processes.

Prior to joining UKON, Anne had her own business for 15 years. Since 2008 she has been head of the Center for Citizen Dialogue where there is a science center for citizen involvement and a professional network for employees from various municipalities.

Anne lives with Jens and their three teenage daughters. When she needs to clear her head she prefers to take long walks – around Damhussøen, in Tuscany or southern Spain.


+45 24 47 78 18

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