Birgitte Kurup

Birgitte Kurup

Senior Consultant, Partner

  • MA in Communication and further trained as an intensive dynamic coach, a therapist, systemic consultant and facilitator of large groups
  • More than 20 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • More than 10 yrs. of experience as a coach and sparring partner for managers and leadership teams
  • Specialty: Development of leadership teams, individual manager and consultant development and the realization of strategies

Birgitte is a specialist in designing processes that involve, challenge and develop people – and with a twinkle in her eye, she also makes them fun to be part of. She has a certain ability to work resolutely and result-oriented while simultaneously picking up on and involving the various ideas and emotions that surface during the process. In other words, she reads the needs of groups and individuals and fine-tunes the process in such a way that emotions can be used constructively and not stand in the way of results.

As a consultant, she insists that efforts lead to results, which only demonstrates her heartfelt wish to be a part of making change.

Birgitte is interested in people, both individuals and their communities. At the core of her work lies her natural talent for establishing close relationships with others, whether it be in one-to-one conversations, leadership groups or large groups with more than 100 participants. This unique ability has made her one of Denmark’s most sought-after facilitators of large group processes.

At UKON Birgitte’s work has included:

  • Organizational development at Danisco, Sermersooq Municipality in Greenland, Arla, KMD and various schools
  • Leadership development at KMD, Aarhus University, Aarhus Vand and Sydbank
  • Individual and personal leadership development for over 100 managers
  • Leadership team development for over 50 leadership teams at a variety of organizations, including Arla, Stilling School, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality and Copenhagen University
  • Several large group processes with up to 300 participants

She lives south of Aarhus, has a vast amount of contagious energy and always many irons in the fire. It is not without reason that she often meditates.


+45 29 43 75 72

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