Henrik Adler

Henrik Adler

Senior Consultant, Partner

  • MA from Aarhus University with further training from

   –  Institute for Gestalt Analyses

  –  International Professional Development Program, Belgium

  –  Leading Meaningful Change

  • 25 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • Specialty: Organizations in close contact with customer and user groups

The thread running through Henrik’s career is his close contact to people, his sense of humour and his consistency. He likes to get involved in unusual situations and atypical interpersonal constellations. He has a strong sense of reality and is characterized by his patience and perseverance. He states his opinions directly with a clear understanding of the pressures and challenges that managers and employees may be facing.

His enthusiasm and forthrightness come to life in his lectures and when working with the development of leadership groups and organizations.

Henrik has had an expansive career. He started out as the creator and editor of the well-reputed Danish music magazine GAFFA and later became the information consultant at the umbrella organization Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd (The Danish Youth Council). In 1991 he established his own consultancy firm, “Creative Communication”, and he was employed as a consultant at UKON in 1999 where he became a partner in 2001.


+45 21 26 45 82

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