Jess Haderslev

Jess Haderslev

Senior Consultant

  • Authorized psychologist with further training as a group analyst, process consultant, coach and mental trainer
  • 10 yrs. of experience as a consultant and 6 yrs. of experience as a manager
  • Specialty: Executive coaching, mental training and team development

Jess has extensive experience as both a manager and an organizational consultant and has therefore a personal knowledge of the leadership challenges and dilemmas he now assists in solving for various managers and organizations.

No matter whether he is dealing with organizational analyses, developing teams, coaching managers or conducting mental training, he is passionate about getting to the crux of the matter and the pivotal points of development. With Jess as the consultant one gets a person  who is focused on combining psychological awareness with business savvy in order to transform insight into action.

Jess has a background as a triathlete/iron man and has coached and mentally trained a number of top athletes and professional musicians. He now draws upon this experience in order to help business managers achieve excellent performances.

In addition to being attentive and reliable, Jess is known for being resource-oriented and having the power to get things moving.

He inspires confidence and engages in close dialogues with people, which catalyze an authentic and effective cooperative style.

He dares to dig deep and get close.

Jess is a hi-fi enthusiast, who loves rock music, enthralling movies and practices mindfulness.

Jess was employed as a senior consultant at UKON in 2014.


+45 51 90 87 96

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