Jette Lindhard

Jette Lindhard

CEO, Partner

  • MSc in Leadership, Organization and Strategy
  • More than 10 yrs. as a manager at UKON
  • 20 yrs. of experience as a consultant for both the private and public sectors
  • Leadership education from IMD in Switzerland
  • Consultancy education from Denmark, Belgium and USA
  • Specialty: Strategic change processes, leadership and organizational development, development of leadership teams, individual leadership coaching and acting as a sparring partner

Jette combines her extensive management and consultancy experience with her strong theoretical base when working constructively with managers. She is ambitious, enthusiastic and caring when acting as a sparring partner and giving advice. Using tough empathy to cut through complex problems, she manages to evoke the best.

Often spearheading the strategic leadership projects for UKON’s customers, she has a sharp eye for the individual manager’s potential, for the strength of cooperation between managers and for the company’s next advancement opportunities.

Jette has sound experience implementing change processes for both the private and the public sector. With her starting point in the fields of leadership theory and psychology, she sees to it that potential is realized and strategic goals are met.

Jette has been part of UKON’s management since 2003. She is a managing partner with the responsibility for UKON’s business and branding. She is also the manager for a number of UKON’s consultants.


+45 51 20 20 21

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