Jonas Holm

Project Consultant

  • Bach. psych. from Aarhus University
  • Student at the master’s degree programme of psychology
  • Three years of experience with motivation of adolescents in grade school and high school

Jonas is curious by nature and particularly within the domain of industrial psychology. He is interested in the challenges related to optimising a machinery that’s already working. Partly for this reason, Jonas worked with the concept of ’motivation’ in his bachelor project, in an attempt to achieve a deeper understanding of this phenomenon.

During his studies, Jonas has strived to take part in as many courses within the field of work and organisational psychology as possible. However, he is also interested in some more universal human issues, and therefore he has also worked a lot with the human brain and consciousness. Jonas is of the opinion that an in-depth understanding of the individual person is crucial to solving organisational issues.


+45 86 26 13 66

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