Kenneth Albæk

Kenneth Albæk


  • MA, Modern History, BA in Literature, MA in Philosophy, Aarhus University
  • Journalist, Danish School of Media and Journalism
  • Trained consultant; IPDP (Leading Meaningful Change)
  • Over 25 yrs. of experience as a consultant and manager
  • Specialty: Development of chief executive teams and strategic change processes

Throughout his career as a consultant, Kenneth has concentrated on the paradoxes in transformation processes with a specific focus on the balance between chaos and goal-oriented action. The guiding principle is to create the potential for change processes that will raise managers and organizations to a new level. With his wealth of experience, he clearly understands the customer’s problem and is able to design a development process that takes into account both the business aspect and personal development.

With Kenneth as your consultant you get a person who is accommodating and decisive, someone who gets straight to the heart of the matter. Kenneth’s work is characterized by his efforts to find creative options when dealing with the customer’s challenges.

At UKON Kenneth has been in charge of moving the company from its entrepreneurial culture to a highly professional organization and one of the leading Danish consultancies.

Kenneth started at UKON in 1994 and was appointed CEO in 2004.


+45 20 14 13 66

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