Kristen Engelbrecht

Kristen Engelbrecht

Senior Consultant

  • MSc in Business Administration, Strategy and Leadership from Aarhus University with further training, including courses from Cranfield University
  • 14 yrs. of experience as an external consultant
  • External Lecturer at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences
  • Specialty: Leadership and organizational development, strategy, change management, project management, team development and customized surveys and assessments of leadership and organizational performance

The basic philosophy underlying Kristen’s consultancy work is that solutions have greater impact when developed in collaboration. He therefore remains open-minded and attentive when various needs and possible solutions are uncovered in any given collaboration. He draws upon his analytical skills and broad vision in situations where a lot of input needs to be taken into account and put into practice. His approach is characterized by careful attention to important details and his affection for thorough planning and preparation.

Kristen’s consultancy style is facilitating and at eye level, which creates an atmosphere for dialogue, but also allows room for necessary adjustments and important matters along the way. He does not, however, shy away from giving good advice or from being firm when the situation calls for it.

He employs this approach when trying to promote the necessary advancements within organizations and leadership systems, leadership groups, organizational units and team.

Kristen was employed as a senior consultant at UKON in 2011


+45 60 13 21 52

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