Manon de Jongh

Senior Consultant, Partner

  • PhD in Organizational Psychology from the School of Governance, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • MA in Communication Studies from Twente University, the Netherlands. Further training as organizational consultant at Leading Meaningful Change at the International Professional Development Program, Belgium. Receives continuous supervision
  • External professor at Aalborg University in leadership and organizational psychology and at Copenhagen Business School’s Master of Public Governance in personal leadership development
  • 15 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • Specialty: Boundary spanning leadership, co-creation, personal development, process management and action research
  • Frequently publishes articles in professional magazines such as “Ledelse i Dag” (Management Today) and “Danske Kommuner” (Danish Municipalities) and during the last few years has made contributions to the annual conference of the Academy of Management

Manon’s career stands on two solid legs: The first is part of a dynamic consultancy practice while the other is immersed in research – the two of them constantly inspiring one another. These days she is especially interested in new leadership forms,  characterized by interdisciplinary cooperation both within and outside the borders of an organization. In practice, she implements her research in her consultancy work concerning the management of co-creation and process management.

She assists managers and (network)organizations in embracing complexity and chaos and creating sustainable results. She is able to simplify things without trivializing them and stay focused on the big picture  without losing the most significant details. Manon believes in the value of being used as a catalyst in her work. She approaches every job with enthusiasm and optimism and the customer with intensity and straightforwardness. She emphasizes the importance of creating a forum where everything important can be said, enabling the customer to move forward.

Manon started working at UKON in the summer of 2010 and became a partner in 2013. Since the summer of 2014 she has been affiliated with UKON’s office in Copenhagen. Before joining UKON, she worked as a consultant at two Dutch consultancy firms and a bureau in New Zealand. Furthermore, she has had project assignments at Grolsch Beer Brewery and for the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Manon grew up in an international environment, which has taught her how to balance between being flexible and challenging. She likes to bring the best with her from the places that have formed her. However, she simply must return home whenever there is a chance to skate on the frozen canals of Amsterdam.


+45 26 55 40 30

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