Marianne Livijn

Marianne Livijn

Senior Consultant and PhD Researcher

  • MA in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
  • 7 yrs. of experience as a manager in the IT sector
  • EMCC certified coach
  • External professor at Aarhus University

Marianne has worked as a HR manager in the IT sector for a number of years, which has given her extensive experience in various HR and developmental processes such as leadership development, strategy processes, process optimizing, talent development and coaching.

Marianne has a strong theoretical foundation and has been a teacher and supervisor at Aarhus University for the past eight years. As a consultant, she draws upon her vast leadership experience and her solid theoretical basis to create both insight and incentive.

She is a persevering, resolute and insightful consultant, motivated by her desire to achieve results together with the customer and therefore does not allow challenges to stand in the way of reaching her goal. She is good at making contact and building strong relationships and stands out as one who quickly familiarizes herself with the customer’s business.

Marianne has a keen interest in implementation processes and is conducting a study in collaboration with Aarhus University on how leadership in both formal and informal situations may increase the implementation benefits during strategic changes.

Marianne is a competent marathon runner and balances her often hectic workdays with yoga and meditation.

Marianne has been employed at UKON since 2014.


+45 40 95 73 70

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