Morten Fogsgaard

Morten Fogsgaard

Partner, Senior Consultant, Occupational PhD Scholarship Holder

  • MSc in Psychology from Aarhus University with further training from The Bayswater Institute, London
  • 8 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • Occupational PhD scholarship in Leadership and Organizational Psychology from Aalborg University
  • External professor at Dept. of Psychology and Behavioral Science at Aarhus University
  • Teaches in the MA program in Leadership and Organizational Psychology (LOOP) at Aalborg University and in Master of Public Governance at Copenhagen Business School

Morten feels very passionate about his work with the development of industrial and organizational psychology both in theory and in practice. He is currently working as a consultant while conducting research in leadership development, the management of interdisciplinary cooperation, the development of leadership teams and the question of power and influence in organizations. Morten has published a series of articles and has recently co-edited a book entitled “Magt i organisationer” (Power in Organizations).

As a consultant and teacher, Morten is characterized by having a focused, trustworthy and compelling presence. He is capable of combining complex theories and methods and making them accessible so that the participants can stay focused on their business and the challenges at hand.

Morten has a wide spectrum of consultancy jobs (with special focus on the development of leadership teams, interdisciplinary cooperation, organizational development and personal leadership). He is constantly striving to gain knowledge about what is needed to make the organization and the individual develop in the same direction at the same time – away from mediocrity and towards a higher degree of efficiency, creativity and job satisfaction.

Prior to joining UKON, Morten worked as an industrial and organizational psychologist, focusing on mental health issues in the working environment. He was also employed at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science at Aarhus University.

When not working Morten enjoys spending time together with his family and friends. He loves music, reading, skiing and golf, but also spends a large part of his spare time keeping himself up to date professionally.

Morten started at UKON in 2010 and became a partner in 2014.


+45 20 65 77 41

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