Morten Svalgaard Nielsen

Senior Consultant

  • Trained as a stage director and holds an M. A. in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, AAU.
  • 15 years of experience as a theatre director and as an entrepreneur within theatre and performance
  • 15 years of experience as an independent leadership and organizational consultant
  • Former Development Consultant at SiriusPartner and Senior Consultant at The Confederation of Danish Enterprise.
  • Core competences: Development of organizational culture, development of leadership and talent, support of management teams in transition processes. Focus on communication, storytelling, motivation, creativity, co-creation and action learning for groups and individuals.

Morten is eager to support the development and expansion of potential in organizations, for both managers and specialists. He has experience with this at all organizational levels.

Through his experience in leading innovative L & D processes he has built a deeper understanding of and insight into contradictions, obstacles and dilemmas in creating meaningful learning arenas.

His approach to development takes an outset in experience-based learning and collaborative processes, and is characterized by curious, investigative and direct interactions.

Morten’s area of attention is creating organizational value – while holding central the organizational tension between complex dynamic processes and commercial drive towards goals and results.

He has authored and co-authored a number of exciting releases, including “Ledelse fra Scenekanten”, “Kommunikation om innovation ” and “Fællesskabets magi “.

Morten lives in Copenhagen with Lotte and their 3 children. Perspectives on daily life is found in travelling.

Morten has joined UKON autumn 2016.


+45 22 21 40 90

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