Palle Weinreich

Palle Weinreich

Managing Partner

  • Occupational psychologist, MSc in Psychology, Authorized
  • Academy Profession Degree in Business Economics
  • 17 yrs. of experience as a consultant
  • 11 yrs. of experience as a manager
  • Specialty: Development of leadership teams and individual leadership development, strategy processes and organizational change processes

Palle is best described as a business-oriented occupational psychologist.

His many years of experience have brought him to a multitude of private and public organizations where he works closely together with executive managers, middle managers and specialists.

Palle has a concrete and practical approach; he focuses on what works and on achieving results. He is known for getting straight to the point and going straight to the core of the issues which are essential for managers and teams in order to move to the next level. A recurring feature of his consultancy is his ability to combine business, organization and the psychological aspects in just the right mix.

Palle has been part of UKON’s management since 2006. He is also the manager for some of UKON’s consultants, and he has the role of UKON’s minister of finance.

Prior to joining UKON, he was employed as a management consultant at PA Consulting Group and worked as a regional export manager at a Danish textile company.


+45 51 35 94 40

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