Active in research

Our consultancy is based on reliable theories and well-researched methods.

Not only do we keep ourselves up-to-date with all the latest international research in leadership development and organizational psychology, we also conduct our own research in order to create new knowledge for the benefit of our customers. It is our ambition to be amongst the best in the world when it comes to bridging academic knowledge and the leadership challenges of today. We are determined to continuously develop our insights and methods within our field.

Customers and business partners experience our research-based approach through:

  • Our methods are well grounded and tested
  • We are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of prevailing theories and approaches
  • We rapidly discover, assess and translate new knowledge into action
  • … without mindlessly copying the latest management trend.

Our research allows us to:

  • theoretically work thoroughly – through projects which include several industrial PhD studies
  • carry out analyses with increased speed from idea to result
  • actively contribute to international joint research projects
  • involve customers and other experts in the process of developing new knowledge
  • raise the competency level of all our consultants at UKON
  • empower UKON’s visions of leadership with new ideas and impulses

UKON’s research is coordinated by Anders Trillingsgaard, PhD, Head of Research and partner at UKON.

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