Our research projects

The clear aim of our research unit is to bridge academic knowledge and the leadership challenges of today. Therefore, we have joined forces with the best universities in Denmark and abroad in order to develop practice-oriented research that involves innovative ideas in the field of leadership and organizational development.

We have accomplished several industrial PhD study projects, including:

Group dynamics in the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, 2013

This project is authored by Manon de Jongh in a joint venture with the School of Governance, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Read the doctor thesis here

Developmental episodes in leadership teams, 2010

This project is authored by Anders Trillingsgaard in a joint venture with the Centre for Dialogue and Organization, Dept. of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University. Read the doctor thesis here


We are currently involved in the following occupational PhD study projects:

Macro and micro design in strategy implementation

The overall purpose of the project is to examine how organizational design can support strategy implementation. Specifically, the project is concerned with how managers at different levels adapt the organization’s design to specific circumstances in their part of the organization, how the design influences their ability to manage strategy implementation, and how management initiatives at different levels are coordinated.

The PhD project is managed by Marianne Livijn and is cooperated with ICOA (Interdisciplinary Center of Organizational Architecture) at the Department of Management, Aarhus University.

Boundary-spanning leadership and power in public sector organizations

This project is conducted by Morten Fogsgaard in a joint venture with Dept. of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University.

Leading co-production – managerial challenges and opportunities

This project is conducted by Anne Tortzen in a joint venture with Dept. of Society and Globalization at Roskilde University.


Anders Trillingsgaard is managing ALIGN in collaboration with researchers from Aarhus University and external consultant Thomas Tøth, from SourceWise. Please read more about ALIGN here.

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