Personlig ledelse

Personal Leadership

Have you set an ambitious goal for yourself or your organization? Or are you facing a landmark opportunity or challenge? Do you wish to raise your level of success? We design individual coaching sessions which focus on your personal leadership development. The sessions will lead to a significant outcome – both in your own personal development and that of your organization.

Successful Leadership Teams

Has your leadership team optimized the potential in working closely together? Do the individual team members improve each other’s performance? Does the team work efficiently and yield strong collective results? An intensive development program will move the team to the next level in only a few months, creating a stronger direction, better coordination and greater commitment in the entire organization.

Strategic Organizational Development

If you want to succeed with large-scale organizational changes, you must simultaneously work with strategy, structure, business processes and the people involved. With a well-planned and integrated developmental process, you will have set focus on the efficient implementation of change, on strategy and energy, on insight and the rapid achievement of results.

Boundary-Spanning Leadership

How do you ensure progress and results when the job depends upon collaboration between departments, organizations or sectors? How do you include customers, citizens or other stakeholders in finding solutions to common problems? Take advantage of UKON’s specialist knowledge regarding network management and co-production.